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Learn more about Riley Smith and how Project We Care does assists veterans.

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Working together with 501(c)(3) non-profits, county organizations, and the VA.

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Get Involved

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What is Project We Care?

  • Project We Care is there for the needs of United States veterans.

    Project We Care, a family based organization was created to address the needs of veterans. Riley Smith expressed a passionate desire to participate in assisting the needs of the veteran. She has become sensitive to the deplorable conditions that our country’s veterans live with daily, having witnessed them on street corners begging.

  • Project We Care cares for the homeless veterans of America.

    She has encouraged Project We Care to provide “Care Packages” to our veterans, who are participating in the Veterans Administration VASH (Veteran’s Administration Subsidized Housing). Our first step is to contact the veteran and arrange an appointment to inventory the needs of this individual.

  • Project We Care helps turning a house into a home.

    We then embark on providing the necessities to transform a bare apartment into a “home” creating a sanctuary devoid of the perils of war, a place where our veterans can “regroup”, and embark on a journey of healing both psychologically and physically. I urge you all to help and donate to Project: We Care.

Project We Care

Project: We Care!

A 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation

Riley is fortunate to grow up in a family that gives back often to the community, witnessing their involvement at: Lifenet for Families, Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. Hoping that someday other children in her generation would express the same concerns, she's encouraged the participation in people of all ages to rally together for this cause. We look forward to the community's involvement!

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