7 Great Jobs for Veterans

November 15, 2018 / projectwecare

Are you a veteran who is in search of a job? If so, read on to learn about seven great jobs for veterans.

When you or a loved one come back from military duty, getting settled into a new life can be overwhelming. Between getting used to a different “normal” and figuring out your next step, many veterans get overwhelmed and don’t pursue their desired field.

To make your transition a little easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best jobs for veterans. Some careers may require additional courses or schooling, but as a veteran, you already have a wide array of skills that employers are seeking.

Read on to find out about seven of the best jobs for veterans!

  1. Intelligence Analyst

As a military veteran, you’ve worked hard to protect your country. If you’d like to continue to work in national security, a career as an intelligence analyst may be perfect for you.

What does an intelligence analyst do exactly? Analyze intelligence! They look at all the information collected in the field and evaluate potential threats to security.

A job as an intelligence analyst pays well too; the median salary is $73,000.

You may have to pursue further education in order to become an intelligence analyst, but you already have the much-desired experience of protecting our nation!

  1. Human Resources Manager

You’ve always been a leader; that is why you chose to go into the military! Now that you’re a vetera

n and job searching, how do you incorporate your skills as a people person into the business field?

A human resource managers job is essential to any business, and the skills you will need are diverse (just like in the military!).

As an HR manager, you’ll make around $104,000 a year! Not bad!

  1. Database Administrator

A hot job right now for veterans is a database administrator! In the military, you were submerged into a world full of information systems and new technologies. Use your valuable skill-set to pursue a career in data management and analysis.

Database administrators should have a wide array of skills, but a key part of the job is to organize, maintain, and optimize data systems.

You may have to go to additional schooling, depending on your education level, but an annual salary of about $82,000 will be your reward!

  1. Electrician

As a veteran, you were always able to think logically and technically, two essentials attribute if you would like to become an electrician.

If you want to become an electrician, trade school is a must. There you’ll obtain all the necessar

y skills and upon completion receive appropriate certification.

If you want to work with your hands, there are a ton of career paths in vocational trades that are constantly looking for skilled veteran workers. Find the best trade jobs here.

  1. Commercial Truck Driver

You like to travel and explore the country, and a desk job just isn’t for you. Why not choose a career that will keep you on the go!

As a commercial truck driver, you’ll have to take some courses in truck-driving school, gain some experience (the school will help!), and eventually achieve your commercial driver’s license.

A truck driver can make around $42,000 a year, but your freedom to roam the roads is priceless!

  1. Registered Nurse

Do you have an interest in the healthcare field? Working as a registered nurse may be a great way to integrate your experience with medicine in the military into a new career.

And you make around $67,000 a year!

So how do you fulfill your goal of becoming a registered nurse? You will have to go to school if you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Engineer

There are a lot of options for experienced veterans in the engineering field. Whether you worked in weapon development (electrical), building tanks (mechanical), or working with computers (software), there is likely an engineering field compatible with your talents and interests!

Engineers can make a ton of money! It depends on your exact field, but salaries usually range from $60,000 – $110,000.

Now That You’ve Found the Best Jobs for Veterans

Find the career of your dreams! Prepare for your big job interview by prepping for your interview.

If you’re a veteran, check out these resources to support your transition back to civilian life.

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